Automotive supplier, European locations

The Asian and European concepts of everyday leadership need to be delicately harmonized to find a common ground.


An Asian automotive supplier with locations in Europe

Situation & Need

The company produces and operates successfully, but the establishment of new standards for collaboration and leadership naturally lags behind.

Initially, feedback is needed before standards for leadership and the feedback system itself are established, as part of HR development.


With a clear co-developmental approach, concepts and programs are developed and tested for, for example, 360-degree feedback and leadership design.

Continuous development of feedback and leadership promotion is needed within the company, before and especially in order to create a standard that can have long-term suitability.

  • Development workshops with the customer before implementing pilot measures
  • Collaboration on pilot measures for 360-degree feedback & leadership programs
  • Development and implementation of pilot measures for Diversity & Inclusion, internally within the company

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