Mission and Principles

Our Mission

We are developers for…

“…enhancing healthy interactions within the workplace.”

“…settings where encounters end in a healthy manner.”

“…successful dialogues.”

“…projects aimed towards fostering a healthy workplace.”

When we get to the core of an issue, we often hear sentences like “at the end of the day, we want people to properly greet each other here.” This is an example how organizations express their longing for good cooperation.

In order to develop a cohesive, healthy, and successful organizational culture, gailus.ORG offers its clients tailored expertise, process-oriented consulting, and systemic guidance. Leveraging our diverse project experiences and tools, we think innovatively and provide insights, pathways, and facilitation for organizational development.

We strive to be the most effective partner for project implementation within the realm of health-oriented organizational design. The focus at gailus.ORG remains on advancing or restoring organizational competencies, with the individual within the organization being the cornerstone of our efforts.

We are committed to inspiring and incentivizing our clients by offering current knowledge, networks, contemporary methods, and proactive initiatives. We collaborate with our clients in a task-oriented manner, aligning with their processes. Our contributions and consultations aim to promote management competence within your company and among your employees whenever possible. Our areas of expertise include Occupational Health Management, Occupational Integration Management, and Diversity Management.

We are always available for co-creative collaboration, working alongside our clients to develop sustainable solutions. We consider the responsibility of project sponsors and implementers as crucial for project success.

gailus.ORG provides client organizations with external perspectives, serving as a reliable partner and, when needed, a temporary driving force within and for organizations.

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