Everyone is a part of the big picture.

Since the 1990s, research by figures like Ilmarinen, Badura, and others has scientifically demonstrated that purely behavior-oriented measures alone do not sustainably reduce absenteeism.

You are not only concerned with individual aspects, such as healthy eating in the cafeteria, but rather with changes in organizational culture, directly or indirectly.

It is essential here that the workforce can actively participate in shaping the development towards a healthy organization and experience the results firsthand.

We are the right choice for you if you want to initiate a health-oriented organizational development. Utilize us as careful guides and drivers of a process that allows your employees to experience autonomy, responsibility, as well as the reduction of contradictions and burdensome structures.

“‘Culture creates culture’, says Bernd Schmidt from isb. When it comes to organizational development, we consciously close the textbook first, look for cultural artifacts, and inquire about cultural examples within the company. We also explore the deeper beliefs within the workforce.”

Andreas Gailus, Project Consultant