Essential for a healthy corporate culture.

For us, occupational health management (BGM) also means qualifying project teams and jointly designing behavioral and structural measures to develop a healthy corporate culture.

We are the right choice for you if occupational health management (BGM) encompasses not only physical health, such as maintaining a healthy back, but also includes aspects like promoting healthy leadership and fostering a positive work culture.

We take action when the goals under the BGM label include reducing absenteeism, promoting a healthy work environment, fostering a culture of health responsibility, and improving individual employee health behaviors.

“BGM is particularly successful when it is strategically, integratively, and participatory designed. This means that it increasingly becomes a matter of course to shape structures, processes, and social climate from the perspective of or based on the characteristics of a health-promoting corporate culture.

And it mainly implies that people in the company are involved in the what and the how. This shared learning and shaping not only support the implementation of measures in everyday business life but also constitute an essential element of a health-promoting culture.”

Corinna Perron, Consultant