Leading Healthily & Beyond

“Yes, ‘leading healthily’ sounds like an obligation, at worst pressure that can make you sick. I would often prefer to call it ‘leading harmoniously’.”

Is it about the leader or their employees?

The term “leading healthily” is quite common in the market, but what does it actually mean?

Is it about leaders keeping themselves fit, or is it about leaders leading their teams in a healthy way? A trivial question?

We don’t think so.

The answer to this question not only justifies the measures but also conveys an important message for your company. Is it about you, dear leaders, about your employees, or both?

What exactly should be fulfilled or changed for your company under the label “Leading Healthily”?

We advise companies on building and implementing a suitable program for Healthy Leadership.

In conclusion:

We find that off-the-shelf leadership and health solutions rarely fit. So that we can show examples that suit you, so that we can outline your solutions – give us a call or write to us.

Leading Healthily - Brochure

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Book Recommendation

From our perspective, the title could also be “Leading Yourself and Others Healthily.” However, the original title is “Leading Yourself and Others” by Karl Kälin and Peter Müri.