We need a better corporate culture here.

Projects should bear the title of organizational culture sparingly, as it sets the bar high and comes with many expectations. Changing the corporate culture is always a topic, whether it’s about reducing sick leave, building intercultural competence, or designing new brochures or workday systems.

We like to talk about organizational culture to address the phenomenon of people going to work. Often, there’s a workplace filled with cultural artifacts. Everything contributes to a mood and reflects a climate; the workday is shaped by rules of the game, monotony or variety, too much or too little responsibility. We could go on about this indefinitely. For us, initiating a cultural change within a company means always getting to know the workplace and established processes:

“Indeed, the phrase ‘we need a better organizational culture’ is often used quickly and frequently. Sometimes it feels like it remains unclear exactly which culture is meant and how it could be changed concretely. Bernd Schmid from the isb [Institut für systemische Beratung] formulated, in essence, that culture cannot simply be purchased but permeates all processes within an organization. The term is succinct but elusive.

We introduce the idea of ‘culture-shaping measures.’ Once the desired ‘cultural movement’ within the company is defined, we look for events that can shape it. Productions that reinforce measures and trigger ‘aha’ moments among people.”

Andreas Gailus, Project Consultant