Diversity Developing Manager

Training for diversity designers in organizations by gailus.ORG and partners.

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Lectures, Keynotes, Seminars

Diversity, BGM, and Healthy Leadership.

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For care facilities: BGM and Diversity Projects

Goals: good leadership, positive culture, reducing absenteeism, less turnover. With or without health insurance funding.

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Making Differences,
with gailus.ORG

Our guiding principle is to help you truly achieve your goal, authentically!


When given the chance, we dare to be different. Creative and temporary drivers for your project!

“They also go the extra mile.”

Corporate customer from Bavaria

"In the beginning was the Word."

- famous saying

Well, regardless of preferred religions, “the Word,” or rather, “thinking, speaking, and sometimes even tasting words,” is a pretty fascinating thing!

Words can move, words can make a difference, words can be felt.

Our mission is to place dialogue at the forefront, not always the traditional dialogue, but regularly engaging in dialogue with the body, with others, with oneself…