Psychological risk assessment

“One can implement a psychological risk assessment as a burdensome obligation, only to harvest frustration and discontent. Alternatively, one can integrate the program thoughtfully into employee development. By the way, internally, a risk assessment need not even be called a risk assessment.”

Implementing a risk assessment of psychological stress completely, legally secure, and with added value

“If we’re already undergoing a risk assessment process, why not address our actual issue at the same time”.

Can the risk assessment of psychological stress be more than just a legal obligation?

Answer: a clear YES!

We see an opportunity in § 5 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and want to fully utilize the scope for design that the legislator provides for important additional topics in the company: e.g., ongoing change processes, establishment of health promotion in the workplace, etc.

What does this mean specifically?

To implement a risk assessment of psychological stress in a defined project, we offer, in cooperation with Evermood, the implementation of all essential phases:

Phase A: Screening and rough analysis
Phase B: Detailed analysis and workshop for idea and measure development
Phase C: Implementation support for improvement measures

Ongoing Phase K: Communication program and services

IT Implementation of Questionnaires
If screening with proven questionnaire components is desired, for example, using COPSOQ.

Specifically tailored project design
To fulfill additional benefits for your organization as well (e.g., supporting a change process, leadership development).

Workshop Implementations
For qualitative analysis and/or development of improvement suggestions.

Communication Measures
Taking over work packages for information and communication with internal employees and managers.