The Workshop

In a workshop, things are crafted and shaped, one can get dirty, thoughts are pondered and incubated, things are experimented with and discarded. In the end, something is always produced. With this mindset, we approach our corporate clients when they want to shape and mold important issues.

You need strength & speed for a specific issue? 

You want to get a team on course? Book a workshop!

In most companies and industries, numerous issues are happening simultaneously. Many projects are running in parallel, all requiring time, money, and energy. Everything competes for attention.

Especially issues that are very important to the staff but don’t seem urgent yet can be well developed before they enter regular operations.


  • Completely revamping the Occupational Health Management (BGM) strategy
  • Developing a comprehensive Diversity Management approach tailored to the company’s needs before implementation
  • Updating leadership standards in the workplace to align with current trends and needs
  • Making noticeable changes to the company culture, such as fostering inclusivity, but unsure how to proceed


“There are many paths to Rome…” which one will you take?

A workshop makes paths visible and provides decision support.



Selecting the appropriate Location.


Selecting a moderator, discussing the purpose and objectives of the workshop, and creating an agenda.


Bringing in external guests.

Do you need additional inspiration through external speakers?


Setting a date & sending suitable invitations.

Here’s a small note: The content of the invitation triggers certain expectations. We’ll work together to find the right words.