We provide services as project consultants, concept developers, and/or trainers in the thematic areas of Occupational Health Management (BGM), Diversity, Corporate Culture, and Leadership. We offer expertise in these fields.


With Corporate Health Management (BGM), companies systematically create and design health-promoting structures and processes in a sustainable manner.


Today, many cultures and nations come together, aiming to collaborate effectively despite differing perspectives.

Corporate Culture

The corporate culture is crucial for the quality of work and motivation of employees. Much depends on how efficiently the company can operate.

Organizational Development

In organizational consulting, we focus on advising organizations, teams, or individuals within the organizational context. The basis of our consultation is the systemic approach. Together, we work with you to develop solutions and activate untapped resources.

Leadership & Leadership Development

In health-oriented personnel and team development, we primarily focus on the personal needs and self-regulation of your employees: How are individuals and teams doing, and how do they interact with themselves and others?