External collaboration - Ideas, content, and implementation

The word “project” only refers to the form of collaboration. The team at gailus.ORG can be brought in when you need concrete ideas, content, and/or external implementation for your project, or rather, for your goal. We refer to this as project design, project support, project assistance – in our thematic areas of BGM, Diversity, Leadership & Organizational Culture.

Project DESIGN

It’s less relevant what title the project carries, but rather, what needs and goals are behind it. We support you in clarifying where the journey for your company should go and which tools and methods best fit the framework of your organization.

Additionally, we analyze with you which of the existing resources you can utilize for achieving your goals and provide you with professional expertise and years of project experience.


At a certain level of complexity, projects require “guidance”. This means bringing concrete technical and process consulting into the projects, even in the softer project realms of health, diversity, and demographics.

Technically, it’s important, for example, to avoid certain pitfalls. Process-wise, a project and project team are well-supported when ideas and perspectives from experienced BGM consultants are incorporated.

As co-creative partners and also drivers of your project, we work with you to shape your project collaboratively. We ensure to incorporate your ideas as well as the impulses of your employees into a continuous improvement process.


Do you know this? “No time… We need someone… I can’t do anything about it… BUT someone needs to stay on top of this.”

Sometimes, issues remain unresolved even though they are desired, but no one simply has the time…

Perhaps it’s a good investment for you to attract and retain young, professional talent:

We recruit and qualify young talent from “BGM universities” for practical use in companies. You hire an in-house project assistant while we handle their qualification and supervision. Additionally, the concepts and networks of gailus.ORG are available.

This collaboration is particularly practical for companies that have experts in HR and occupational medicine in-house but lack the manpower to actively advance topics such as BGM, BEM & Co.

Here are our project realizations, perhaps you'll find yourself reflected in them.