Further Education on behalf of other Institutions

Occupational Health & Safety training on behalf of the DGQ

gailus.ORG is the lead trainer for the basic course in Occupational Health and Safety as part of the DGQ training for companies aiming to systematically establish occupational health and safety.

Many companies have implemented an occupational health and safety management system according to BS OHSAS 18001. However, due to the density of German occupational health and safety regulations and supervisory bodies, some choose not to pursue company certification. There is an increasing international interest, and an internationally recognized standard is expected in February 2018 – DIN ISO 45001. It combines all the requirements of OHSAS 18001 with the High-Level Structure for management system standards.

In-house Training Programs

Training for Diversity Developing Manager

With partners such as Compass, University of Augsburg, and others, we offer training for becoming a Diversity Developing Manager.

The Path to the Essence

Why BGM, anyway?

For the health of each individual employee in your organization, it is important to address the areas of physical activity, nutrition, and stress management. However, do these traditional behavioral measures alone actually help drive the goal achievement for your health management? Does the back training class truly reduce sick leave, and does the corporate health day contribute to a better image?

We believe that Occupational Health Management (BGM) needs to evolve and to be tailored to the entire organization.