Image and Poetry Card Set

For experienced coaches and trainers, the image card set method is a proven tool to make the power of association and the handling of needs or conflicts discussable.

Some individuals associate better with quotes and metaphorical poetry. This set offers both, images and words, thus reaching everyone in team workshops.

The First Image and Poetry Card Set

or Coaching and Team Development or as a Treat and Goodie with Custom Branding


The first BLKS (Bild- & Lyrik-Kartenset) emerged from projects in health management and demographic developments with Jacobs University, used in team workshops. Selected images and quotes, along with reflective and coaching aids, support:

  • Individuals in reflecting on their own desires for change
  • Teams in becoming aware of what defines their current life phases within the team

Often, desires for change or the avoidance of change are strongly linked to one’s own life phase. Does one currently feel comfortable in their own life phase or not?

Your Theme, Your Set, Your Logo?

Understand, Define, and Make Tangible the Current Cultural Theme of Your Company.

Construct suitable image and poetry cards, as well as appropriate titles and slogans.

Every organization usually has its “theme.” It’s in the air, palpable during meetings or conversations in the cafeteria. What comes to your mind?

Utilize our project process for dialogue with your staff! Create your own image and poetry card set. How?

A group of employees from your company participates in a small project with our experts in 2 steps.

  1. Understand, define, and make tangible the current cultural theme of your company.
  2. Construct suitable image and poetry cards, as well as appropriate titles and slogans.

By the way, equipped with your company’s logo, an extract from your company’s culture set also serves well as a gift for valued corporate partners and all employees.