Qualifications and Empowerment

In the roles of coach, trainer, and speaker, we operate in various fields, consistently aiming to empower individuals, people like you, who aspire to make a difference in their workplaces, develop a topic, change a culture, or sometimes simply foster more health and quality of life within their organizations.

BGM Loop

While there are many textbooks available on occupational health management, we aim to present you with business-compatible steps for fostering a healthy company. That’s where the BGM Loop comes in. This training focuses on selecting the right approach and tailoring the design for a company’s occupational health management (BGM).

Implementation of the training: externally or in-house within the company.

Diversity Loop

In most businesses, the time has come to actively manage both existing and forthcoming diversity (including internationality, etc.) to foster a supportive, positive, and successful environment, thus ensuring the company’s success.

However, Cultural Diversity Management (DiM) goes beyond merely participating in “Diversity Day” initiatives. It becomes fruitful when aligned with the company’s strategy, focusing more on themes like recruiting, onboarding strategy, and balanced development than before. Welcome to the Diversity Developing Manager training program.

BEM Loop

In Occupational Integration Management (BEM) training sessions, you often encounter topics related to labor law and procedures. In practice, BEM primarily revolves around effective communication, sometimes involving coaching, maintaining a consistent framework, clarifying roles, and possessing know-how in borderline cases. If a robust BEM process is your focus and if you’re looking to restructure your BEM team within the company, our BEM-Loop is the perfect fit.

With three steps, you actively engage in BEM: acquiring knowledge, implementing appropriate workflows, and mastering roles and communication skills.

Implementation of the training: ideal for BEM teams within a company.

Training programs for external/in-house

Presentations and workshops in Corporate BGM, DiM, BEM and more...

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