IT Company

Examine the illness situation in detail, below the 1st ICD level:

Read the trend from the sickness absence development year by year to react effectively.


An IT company with several thousand employees.

Situation & Need

  • Performing an in-depth analysis of absenteeism data, down to the level of specific diagnoses
  • Establishing matchings/data correlations
  • Long-term evaluation of needs.


In addition to standard reports on sick leave from statutory health insurance companies, we interpret additional data in a special evaluation, taking data protection into account. This includes:

  • Selected and notable medical diagnoses
  • Correlation between age and long-term illnesses
  • Selected groups of illnesses
  • Establishing correlations with trends, figures, data, and facts nationwide 

The company can use this data to offer specific measures for health promotion, prevention, and rehabilitation for certain target groups.

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