“We are all the same” – We are not!

Introduction to intercultural basics, good-to-know for the "diverse" corporate practice.

Where does this longing of the average person, to find “all people equal”, come from? And is “sameness” always helpful? What is morally understandable is factually more wrong than right. It becomes helpful when differences are indeed made in teams in companies. How does that work?

Introduction to intercultural basics, essential knowledge for the “diverse” corporate practice.

  • Intercultural basics and an examination of the concepts of equal treatment, equal worth, and justice.
  • Impulses on “normal” human thought patterns, such as cognitive dissonance.
  • A humorous enlightenment about the so-called intercultural development of fellow human beings. Because that is partly predictable.  
  • What about the cooperation capability of intercultural teams and how can it be promoted from A to B and from B to C?
    Sometimes we need to alleviate fears before offering training.

A look at useful structures and programs for businesses completes the impulse or workshop. How can a company sustainably promote equity?

For whom:
Health managers, Diversity managers, HR, People & Culture, Responsible for BGM & Diversity topics

Presentations + Seminar + Workshop 

Time required: 
At least 60 min 

Starting 450,- 

Online or local: 

1 conversation for customization to your target audience

Incorporate with a playful preliminary inquiry

Recommendation/Next Steps:  
If your participating leaders engage with specific topics from this impulse, feel addressed and motivated, we recommend continuing directly with simple group coaching sessions and training.

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