Diversity and People

"We don't have to call it diversity, but we should still do it..."

The topic of diversity management, living and leveraging integration, still needs to develop and mature in many companies. Terms like diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are definitely necessary. Sometimes, we are well advised to initially put these terms on the back burner.

Diversity has become a trend label that sometimes evokes resistance, but upon closer examination, valuable concepts for real challenges of companies, institutions, and organizations can be found. It’s about successfully recruiting international personnel, avoiding discrimination, or promoting shared corporate values. In short, from a company’s perspective, it’s about “finding and retaining” personnel.

The topic is examined at the individual level and also from the perspective of companies and investors. This involves phenomena

  • such as “Unconscious Bias”,
  • how to determine which diversity issues are currently present in one’s own organization,
  • what influence the factor “encounter” or others have
  • And how one can take a concrete first (or second) step in the field of Diversity Management to move towards DEI&B improvement

For whom:
Health managers, Diversity managers, HR, People & Culture, Responsible for BGM & Diversity topics

Presentations + Seminar + Workshop 

Time required: 
At least 60 min 

Starting 450,- 

Online or local: 

1 conversation for customization to your target audience

Incorporate with a playful preliminary inquiry

Recommendation/Next Steps:  
If your participating leaders engage with specific topics from this impulse, feel addressed and motivated, we recommend continuing directly with simple group coaching sessions and training.

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