Beliefs about health and wellbeing

How and why we should address beliefs and mood within our workforce in health management.

Even the survey can be turned into a measure.

By now it’s clear: health management equals fruit baskets, back exercises, and relaxation methods, but above all, it also includes healthy interaction and communication, leadership, and lived corporate values. Turning these levers and finding the appropriate steps for both the behavioral and structural perspective can only be done together.

Then the question quickly becomes: How can we motivate employees to engage with and participate in these topics?

Our answer is quite clear: The workforce must be on board from the beginning, but not necessarily as co-decision-makers. Ideally, BGM starts with a story that is well-received.

The analysis of challenges and resources within the team or company is sometimes already highly effective in fostering readiness for change and motivation. Employees want to be convinced and involved with good spirits and concrete answers when it comes to developing health measures and health management (further).

The topic and approach should be enjoyable and solution-oriented, supporting the design of a shared future. This fosters identification and enjoyment of the topic, leading to effective measures that are willingly accepted and utilized in the end.

  • In the impulse or workshop, we illustrate the approach with real-life examples

For whom:
Health managers, Diversity managers, HR, People & Culture, Responsible for BGM & Diversity topics

Presentations + Seminar + Workshop 

Time required: 
At least 60 min 

Starting 450,- 

Online or local: 

1 conversation for customization to your target audience

Incorporate with a playful preliminary inquiry

Recommendation/Next Steps:  
If your participating leaders engage with specific topics from this impulse, feel addressed and motivated, we recommend continuing directly with simple group coaching sessions and training.

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