Reducing absenteeism – A forgotten claim in BGM?

Exemplary stories from practice about the increase and decrease of absenteeism.

Employees get sick. This is normal and natural. However, if absenteeism exceeds a certain level, it leads to an increased workload for the remaining employees. In the short term, a functioning team can cope with sickness-related absences. However, in the long term, overstrain and further – especially stress-related – illnesses are the result. A vicious cycle that needs to be broken.

You can learn about the options available to you to sustainably reduce absenteeism and protect your employees from overload in our presentations and workshops.

Options without sanctions, but rather preventive measures.

With success stories from other companies and organizations as well as the basics of BGM, we support you in finding a solution that is both effective and suitable for you.

  • Factor for staying healthy vs. becoming ill
  • Leadership, leadership, leadership
  • Everyone talks about culture and climate in the workplace. Rightfully so. How can I concretely grasp and work on culture?
  • Analysis of what? What is the question when building BGM? Analyses such as surveys, interviews, and focus groups: These are already partially shaping measures.

For whom:
Health managers, Diversity managers, HR, People & Culture, Responsible for BGM & Diversity topics

Presentations + Seminar + Workshop 

Time required: 
At least 60 min 

Starting 450,- 

Online or local: 

1 conversation for customization to your target audience

Incorporate with a playful preliminary inquiry

Recommendation/Next Steps:  
If your participating leaders engage with specific topics from this impulse, feel addressed and motivated, we recommend continuing directly with simple group coaching sessions and training.

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