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Warum erfolgreiche Leadership Strukturen "Gesund führen" beinhalten

Of course, we don’t necessarily have to use titles like “leading healthily.” At the same time, it makes a real difference if there’s a ritual in every team meeting at work, for example, starting with the question “How am I feeling?”

Integration of the People and Culture perspective, not only in the awareness and styles of leadership, but also in structures such as recruiting, reporting, policies, and so on.

In this impulse or workshop, the aim is to:
a) briefly outline the specific connection between leading healthily or People & Culture issues as a principle of economically successful leadership design.
b) spark interest in establishing or reconsidering one’s own leadership standards.
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We start with examples of leadership standards, such as guidelines, and with examples of awareness programs for leaders. What measures can ensure in the daily life of the company and leadership that…

  • the positive encounter,
  • motivating communication and 
  • a lasting identification with the team and the company takes place.

Leadership is always mentioned as THE lever for many issues: from functioning processes to innovation performance to the overall success of the team or company.

In this impulse, we focus on building leadership standards through the DNA questions of companies: for example, Why do we do what we do? What is our self-image? How do we need to serve the market? What kind of future do we want to have? etc.

That sounds like the beginning of storytelling. And that’s exactly what makes sense when building leadership standards in the company that can exist in daily consciousness and not just hang on the wall as guidelines.

For whom:

Presentation + Seminar + Workshop 

Time required: 
At least 60 min 

Starting from 450,- 

Online or local: 

1  conversation for customization to your target audience

Incorporate with a playful preliminary inquiry

Recommendation/Next Steps:  
If your participating leaders engage with specific topics from this impulse, feel addressed and motivated, we recommend continuing directly with simple group coaching sessions and training.

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